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Driving Instructor, Teen Driving Program in Redmond, Washington

If you are in need of a driving instructor or a teen driving program, contact KLH Driving School in Redmond, Washington. Our instructors are fully certified through the Department of Licensing (DOL), and our classroom teachers have more than 15 years of experience to draw from.

In addition to helping teens, the owner Karen Howard has been teaching in both the classroom and in car for 22 years. Karen is certified with WA DOL and is a WA state certified teacher with a traffic safety endorsment.

The Teen Program - $575
• 30 hours of classroom instruction.
• 6 hours behind the wheel instruction in six 1 hour drives.
• Written Knowledge test for D.O.L.
• Skills Test for D.O.L.
• Provides one free 30 Minute Refresher drive before taking the D.O.L. Driving Test
• Teaches basic defensive driving skills using the IPDE process.
• Meets State and National Standards.
• Freeway driving on all four major freeways.
• Participating in DOL's pilot program for written knowledge test.
• Designed for teens who can get daily practice. 
  ** Additional behind the wheel instruction will be at $ 75.00 per hour.
• Teen Program $525
   ** 30 hours of classroom instruction
   ** 6 hours behind the wheel instruction in 6-1 hours drives
   ** Knowledge test

Emphasis on Parking
KLH Driving School realizes how difficult the parking portion of the exam can be to new drivers. We spend a great amount of time on hands-on parallel parking, as well as perpendicular and angle parking on an incline.



Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center
16600 NE 80th St
Redmond, WA 98052

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